What is Dreamss?

Hard to wake up in the morning?
Hard feelings with your alarm clock?
No worry!
Dreamss is a Dream Reminder Alarm.
Built-in sleepyhead terminator function.
Make yourself a little bit closer with your dream day by day.

So let your dream wakes you up
every morning :)

Better world, Better me

Nowadays, we have many excellent tools to furnish our life. For communication, we have WhatsApp, Line and Messenger etc. For social network, we have Google+, Facebook and Instagram etc. For entertainment, we have Youtube and Candy Crush etc.

But where is the application always reminds us to chase our dream?

Dreamss is what we do!

Dream Reminder

Just like a song, melody will stay in your mind and appear uncontrollably if you keep listening a song. Dreamss is works the same. Dreamss reminds you: "Hey mate, wake up and change your pyjamas, Thor and Tony at the door now. They need you to save the earth. They need you!"

Always 1 alarm

You can only set 1 alarm. Simple and straightforward. No squeeze. No delay. No snooze. No back to sleep :) Wake up on time. No way to dismiss it without QRcode.

Dream is reality

Write down your dream(s), transform your dream(s) into melody.

Magic of Waking Up

You have to do something to chase your dream. You need to participate in the route to your goal. So, your first homework is to print out the QRcode and place it at the kitchen, bathroom or the fridge door, but not in your room please! (important :p)

QRcode in the kitchen

Place our QRcode at the place where you start your day. Dreamss will not work without printed QRcode. Go go go!

Hello World

Canon in D and your dream will greet you with a sweet morning kiss. Scan QRcode to tell Dreamss you are ready to chase your dream. Thus, they will shut up :)

Download Now!

We, Dreamss dream to make a better world, at least make a better me.
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